Shirley Dalton is a retired educator who lives in a town known for making good moonshine. After she becomes friends with other retirees—Jackie, Kea, Lucy, and Roberta—they decide to name themselves “the Salteens” since they enjoy visiting salt caves and the beach. Although the ladies are all seeking adventure in their third act of life, none have a clue they are about to become embroiled in a murder mystery.

After the Salteens head to Seaside Beach for a weekend getaway, Shirley unwittingly unearths a human hand while settling in for an afternoon on the beach. Obviously shaken, Shirley and the other retirees summon the police and head back to their rental. Fueled by an insatiable need to know more, Shirley convinces her friends to extend their stay and help her investigate. But when good sense falls by the seaside and their moonshine antics become the talk of the tourist town, now only time will tell if the women can solve a string of grisly murders or if they will go down in history as just a group of retirees full of shenanigans.